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Why Does City Driving Wear Out Tyres More Quickly?

Misaligned wheels, unbalanced tyres and improper tyre pressure all contribute to faster wear and tear. However, the way your car is driven also plays a huge role. Certain driving manoeuvres, like hard braking and acceleration, quickly wear down your tyres.

Driving at consistent speeds and a steady pace, that is, driving with minimal shifts in speed and direction is the healthiest for your car. This is easily achieved in rural areas however city driving is the antithesis of steadiness.

Hard Braking

We all have to stop suddenly on occasion when driving around busy city streets as we can’t control what other drivers do. In busy traffic, it can sometimes be difficult to judge traffic lights and find yourself stopping suddenly for a light you thought you could make. Other times, another driver might do something that requires you to stop suddenly to avoid a collision.

You should make it your policy to always stop over plenty of distance wherever possible and leave plenty of space to stop. Not only will you save your tyres, but you’ll also keep your car safer (and all its inhabitants).

Spinning Your Wheels

Hear a screeching, squealing or whining sound when shooting off from a red light? That’s the sound of your tyres spinning against the asphalt leaving behind bits of rubber instead of the tread properly gripping the road and propelling you forward. The more this happens the faster your tyres will wear. City driving can be frustrating and motivate that to rush more but this is bad for your tyres and vehicle in general.

Sudden Turning

It happens to all of us - we’re driving along not paying attention and realise we are about to miss our turn and suddenly take a turn too quickly. Do this too often and you’ll wear down your tyres as well as create safety risks. This includes going through roundabouts too quickly.

Preventing Tyre Wear from City Driving

While drivers can avoid slamming on the accelerator and brakes to some extent, many of these manoeuvres are an unavoidable feature of city driving. With roundabouts, heavy traffic, cars cutting each other off, inconsistent, stop-start driving is inevitable.

However, it is worth mitigating the damaging effects of city driving wherever possible by coasting wherever possible (stop accelerating early so you don’t have to brake as hard), going easy around corners and practicing other good driving habits.

Need Your Tyres Checked or Replaced?

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